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With recent huge advances in computing power, many audio and video processing tasks that until a few years ago would have required specialised hardware can now be carried out in software running on a normal PC. Examples include video encoding and decoding, audio compression and processing. Much free and open-source software is available for these sorts of tasks, and combined with the Linux operating system running on a standard PC can be an incredibly powerful solution. In 2005 I won the BBC Radio 1 Student Radio Award for Best Technical Innovation, for a Record of Tranmission system that used a second-hand office PC and free software.

As well as enabling existing tasks to be performed more cheaply and effectively, digital audio and video processing opens up the possibilities for all sorts of new tasks that would have been unfeasible or unimaginable beforehand. An example of this is audio fingerprinting, whereby you can take the "fingerprint" of a piece of audio (e.g. an advert or song) and then search for it within a larger piece of audio. For example, a fingerprinted song could be searched for in a whole week's worth of station logs to see how many times and when it was played - and this search can be done in seconds.

I can write the software you require to implement your imaginative digital audio & video processing ideas! I have experience with programming with FFmpeg, JACK, libmad, libsndfile and many others. I have contributed several patches to FFmpeg to improve its capabilities in dealing with certain types of video and audio.

Examples of some audio and video processing utilities I have written, along with downloadable source code, will appear below:

In the meantime please get in touch if you have any audio/video processing ideas and wish to discuss how to make them a reality.
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